What Do You Really Want?

bikram-yoga-training1ATTENTION: Anyone who has tried and FAILED to lose unwanted body fat…..

You know what you want to look like! So why don’t you already have the body you want?
What is the real problem?

1 – Is it a lack of motivation? Maybe. In my experience, however, the people who actively seek out solutions to their problems have motivation enough.

2 – Poor exercise habits? Looking great requires intense exercise, balanced with lots of movement and active recovery. But even lots of people who are already exercising with highly skilled trainers and coaches still aren’t getting the results they’re looking for. The limiting factor is almost always something else.

3 – Bad genetics? This is a definite NO.  A complete cop-out.

Think for a minute about what your ‘ideal body’ looks like…go ahead…seriously…really think about it for a few seconds.

Got that picture in your head? What if I told you that picture is not a pipe dream? What if I promised we could make that a reality by working together? Does that capture your attention?

Make no mistake about it, your limiting factor nearly always resides in the 160+ hours per week that you spend outside of gym. And what do you think is the most important factor in those 160+ hours? What, in that time, has the greatest impact on your body composition, health and performance? Answer = Nutrition

You CAN have the body you want. Poor nutrition holds you back. And good nutrition will move you forward.
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